Spring Semester

Courage Dear Heart -C.S . Lewis

As I embark on this new semester of college I am so excited for what is to come. In retrospect, I have learned so much from myself and all of the things that have happened during this past semester. I am such a planner and I love making lists and accomplishing the things on those lists. However, last semester I learned not to plan your life away, because God will flip the table on you and your plans. Ultimately it is His plan that will prevail, and all I really want is to follow and thrive in His plans for me. I know that this year will have its ups and down like every year has. But I'm determined to look at life with a fresh, optimistic perspective. So many amazing things are happening in my life and I know the best is yet to come! I feel it! I can't wait to fully embrace it. This year is my year! As this semester begins I am a stronger woman. I have a drive and passion for the things that I love, a motivation and fresh creativity. I am in love with life and its endless possibilities. My heart has grown strength and courage like never before, and that's exciting to me.

This Spring semester I vouch to:

- Drink more coffee

-Read & write more often

-Live life relentlessly

-Laugh & smile, (I heard it's contagious)

-Meet new people

-Study, study, study

-Enjoy the moments of life (big & small)

To all starting a new semester, good luck and remember you are much stronger than you think!


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