Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015

Valentines day gift guide

All things gifts: Kate Spade purse/Alex and Ani bangle/ Kate Spade bangle/ Smell the Roses pillowcase set/ Paper Rifle Co. card/ Capri Blue Candle/ Flowers/ Dunkin Donuts

Valentines Day can be quite exciting for some and for others it can be a bit of a downer. A little word of advice here, don't let a certain day or person rain on your parade. Be happy in everything that you do and embrace life where you are at, whether it be with friends, a significant other, or family!

 I know that it can be a little complicated to figure out what to get someone for Valentines Day. There are so many options. People, the world is your oyster! I put together a few things that I love and that I think would be a great choice for my fellow gals out there. You can never go wrong with getting your girl a dainty purse, jewelry (which btw, bangles are so in right now), or a great candle. Flowers and heart-shaped donuts are also a recipe for a great day!  This list varies in prices, but hey! Do not fear, the best gifts are the gifts with sincere intentions and ultimate creativity. Personally, I love thoughtful gifts, ones that show a keen eye for details, and craftiness. It's all about the intricate details. I Hope this was helpful, and girls I apologize if I gave you an idea on how to spend your next paycheck!


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