Be Brave the Time is Always Now

Meet Hollie Jo Hepler, a lover of adventures and all things fun. Pure beauty and zeal radiates from her heart. Just one chat with her and I knew that this girl would be a treasure.

Q: What is your go-to beauty product?

  • A: M.A.C! I really like M.A.C, because their products clear up fine lines and spots. They also have the best bronzer that really shows off my defined lines.

Q: What are 3 things you must have in your purse?

  • A: Oh my gosh! This is such a good question! One, my teasing brush because I have very fine thin hair. Two, a really good lipstick. Third would probably be a lint roller. I hate lint, and I wear a lot of darker colors so I constantly am lint rolling myself.

Q: How would you describe your style?

  • A: I would say that I am a classy hipster. Its funny because being from Seattle, everyone here says, "oh you guys are so hipster!" and I'm like "no, all of the real hipsters live in Seattle, WA or Portland, OR." I would say I'm more of a classy...well maybe I'm not even a hipster, but I would describe my style as a classy trendier high-fashion hipster.

Q: What is your favorite fashion trend to wear?

  • A: Lately it has been my Nikes, ripped up jeans, and a big hat. Classy casual.

Q: What is your go-to outfit?

  • A: My go-to outfit would be tight black high-waisted skinnies, a large oversized classy shirt with a nice gold bracelet, and cute little flats.

Q: Coffee or Tea?

  • A: Coffee all the way! Like in the morning coffee is my lifeline, no well, before Jesus, sometimes that's how I feel, haha. I haven't done black coffee yet, I like Americano with cream.

Q: What are 3 things on your bucket list?

  • A: Joe and I have talked a lot about what we want to do now that we're married. One thing I really want to do is travel to Israel and experience where Jesus walked physically so that when I read the Word of God is comes alive for me. Second, well they all have to do with traveling, but I believe that the more I see the world the more that I fall in love with Christ. We really want to go to Europe! Maybe we'll go for our five-year anniversary, and stroll the streets and eat really good food. My third one would be to become a yoga fanatic! I really want to get into yoga. Physically I want to do it for my body but also to de-stress myself. I really want to do a lot for the Lord and travel a lot, so in order to do that I want to have a healthy body and life.

Q: What are things that you value in your relationship with Joe, that bears fruit?

  • A: We value fun! That's honestly something that I've learned being married one year. Sometimes, being woman, because we want control we can allow our fixation on control to cause us to lose our fun side of life. We get so nervous thinking about what will our finance, life, and children look like. I think I've just learned to let go and trust God, and to have fun during the process. This is a journey between Joe and I and what we are called to do, so why not have fun in the process of it. So laugh really hard, have Ben & Jerry's, and go on adventures! When we laugh and smile there is a different and special passion and love that occurs. We want to make this a value in our life.

Q: Who are your mentors or role models?

  • A: One of my dear mentors is Pam Crosby, "do you know Pam Crosby?" (Me: "I know Bill Cosby?") ; (Both: *die of laughter*). She is so amazing, so real and down to earth. I am completely raw with her and she encourages me. My other mentor is Bethany Wymore, she and her husband are church planting in San Diego. She is phenomenal. We have fun and encourage each other. Both of these woman are different in background and in year, so they speak into different parts of my life. People that I really admire are, whenever I see a woman or man who loves people and isn't afraid to step out and do the extraordinary for God, I admire that and it challenges me. Some of my mentors are people in the Bible, and what they did or didn't do for God. Sometimes we think that our mentors have to be people who have it all together, but I've learned some of the greatest things in life from people who try really hard, maybe failed or succeed but are just normal people who loved God and are trying.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received (that you would share with girls)?

  • A: You do you!You do you boo boo! What God has been teaching me is, God made me so unique. There is only one Hollie Jo Hepler in the entire world, and when you think that way that is a miracle. Out of all of the billions of people on this earth there is only one you. One you that can articulate, create, think, look the way that you do. You be you and you are enough. You're creative, you're unique, you matter. It's hard to think that God knows each and everyone of our desires, thoughts, and personalities. There is no one like you. So be you to the maximum. The world doesn't need a second version of you, it needs the first class version of you. If you try to be anyone else your short coming yourself. God wants to use you to your fullest potential.

Q: How did you feel when you were approached about moving down to Miami?

  • A: I felt a lot of excitement and humility. I felt like every time Joe and I visited Trinity Church, our heart beat for those people. We were both so nervous and excited for the next season in our life.

Q: What will you be doing down in Miami?

  • A: Our mindset is that we are going to do whatever the church needs, bottom line. We just want to serve the church. Joe will be helping in the SEU extension site called MLI (Ministry Leadership Institute) and their Rendezvous services on Tuesday nights. I will be helping to bring organization and leadership to the team down there and doing whatever they church needs me to do.

Q: You are always smiling and hold yourself up with such confidence, how do you maintain this radiant confidence and joy?

  • A: Jesus! When I feel myself slipping into a lot of insecurities I always know exactly why, and that I haven't been spending enough time in the Word. When I read the Word of God, I know who I am and when I don't read the Word of God and I'm looking at other people and other things to determine what my identity is, I get all messed up. I loose my joy, I get upset, anxious, and frustrated.  But when I am in the Word of God consistently and really seeking Jesus I just get a confidence and become settled in who I am as a woman. Time has also helped, as I got older I've gotten more confident in who I am. The same thing with joy, not taking my life so seriously and trusting that Jesus is who He says He is. He gives me joy and strength. When I think about all the He could do through my life and all that He's already done for me it gives me so much joy! I also find joy in seeing the creativity in people and it's exciting to see what God is doing in other people. Fun is key, if you don't value fun, its going to be kind of hard to be a joyous person; because you won't see the value of laughing until your stomach hurts, and that's exciting!

"Joy isn't about circumstances it's about perspective."

Q: How can one be brave?

  • A: To be brave is to know Jesus. A lot of times to be brave we feel like we need to be the hero. To be brave is not about being strong, secure, and talented, but to say, "I know the power of Christ that lives in me, and because of that I can be brave." Silence fear, insecurity, and doubt, go forth and do what God has called you to do.

 "Bravery dependent on self makes you the hero, but bravery that's dependent on Jesus makes Him the Savior."

Q: What advice would you say to someone struggling with stepping out in faith over a situation where you know you have been given promises from God but nothing seems to be happening, or has happened yet?

  • A: Keep going! I love this quote, "right around the corner is your breakthrough", if you have that mentality then you're going to have a really amazing life! What God really wants to see is people not give up. In the Bible in Hebrews there are many men and woman who kept the faith but never got to see the promises on earth. Sometimes we think that we know what's best and we think we know the answers to our prayers and what we are believing for. This breeds unmet expectations. If you just keep going, eventually God will answer your prayers whether it's a yes or a no, so keep going and don't give up! I think that's why in the Bible it gives us dates and time, because He wants us to see that things take time and process.

Q: I’ve been hearing the phrase “The Best is yet to Come” a lot, even in my own life. What does this phrase mean to you?

  • A: “The Best is yet to Come" means that there is always more with Jesus. That when you fully surrender your life to Him, man you better buckle up because it's going to be the craziest most adventurous ride of your life. It doesn't mean that there is going to big one big event, but instead it's going to be a series of powerful moments where God is going to intervene into your humanity and cause you to look up and go," Wow thank you God!" It's all about your perspective. God will shake your world. “The Best is yet to Come” in all of the little moments that God impacts you.

Q: Many times we associate a season of change with discomfort or fear. What advice would you give to girls who might be going through a riveting season of change in her life?

  • A: Embrace it! Embrace change! It goes back to the whole idea of control. As woman we are more nurturers and to be nurturing is to want to bring stability to life. What I have learned is to embrace change and allow change to be a catalyst for growth. In every season when you embrace change you can evaluate yourself. You can think, " Where did I miss it in this season and where can I really step it up in the next season?" So embrace it and allow it to grow you!

Images courtesy of Hollie Jo via Sithflicks


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