F r a n d s

Somedays you just want to go and explore, right? After all Saturdays are best for exploring. On this particular Saturday Ambar, Keizah, and I decided to explore the city and find some rad walls to take pictures. (Check out and contribute to our hashtag #chronicleofwalls) Believe me, searching for walls and locations to shoot is an sweet adventure in and of itself!  It was so fun, we indulged our appetite with the best Cuban food, continued our perusing, and had such a fun day!

You know those friends that you grow up with just because your parents are friends, yep thats us! It's crazy to think about all of the time that has passed and where you are now from where you were then, or who you were then and who you are now. One thing is for sure,these gals are the most genuine and loving souls that I know. They live with an exemplary life in all that they do and they carry themselves with such zeal. Those friends that you grew up with, don't take them for granted. They are stepping stones that propel you and encourage you throughout life. I am proud of who they have become and I believe so much in their dreams. Relationships are so essential to our being, so choose good ones that you can pour into and they can pour into you. Believe in one another, be present and always intentional. Here's to more adventure and many more years of growth!



(p.s. there is hope for everyone, ha)

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