Laduree Baking

I've been bitten by the baking bug! Last week I went over my friend, Nanette's house, who might I add is a baking connoisseur. She was eager to delve into her mothers day gift (ladurée sucré book) and I was just as eager to bake and taste! Let me tell you that there are so many delicious recipes in this book that you will want to bake all of them. From eclairs, tarts, macaroons, and all sorts of cakes, the possibilities to broaden your french pastry palate are endless!

We finally came across a picture of what looked very appealing to both the eye and stomach, ha. This my friends is called the Divin, and might I add that it was quite divine (see what I did there?) Nanette's sweet daughter Sienna, was very excited to help us bake and might I add she was very helpful. Watch out world, we have a future baker on our hands! When all of our hard work was done, we dove right into that Divin. It tasted so amazing that I just want to get my hands on this book and start baking up a storm. I really want to try to make Chocolate Macaroons or a Strawberry Mascarpone Tarte. I shall let you know how that goes, perhaps this will make me want to learn how to cook, ha ha.

Speaking of Nanette, she is not just my gorgeous friend and a trendy mother of two precious girls, she is also a blogger, and one of my favorite bloggers. Her blog is so refreshing to read because it feels like you are speaking directly to her. Check out her open journal here!

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