Hello everyone! I have had the most refreshing week yet. Usually my week consists of what seems like endless tests. Guys, nursing school is no joke. Literally I have no social life. This week I didn't have any test and I didn't know what to do with myself, it was awesome! I hope you all have had a great week and are excited for the frickin' weekend. During this week I had time to think and regroup and it was remarkable.  Have a great weekend! 

I want to share something close to my heart, identity and worth. I think both of these things coincide and are things that everyone struggle with. As a gal, it is so easy to loose ourself in something or someone else. Whether it be in the mess that is consuming our daily lives, ministry, friendships, uncertainties in life, or even volatile relationships. We often find ourselves trying to compensate for what we deem to lack. We try to fill voids with things that don't belong there. I've been there and the repercussions suck. Nonetheless, these things happen for a reason and one must conjure up the strength to move on. We are stronger then we think. We must come to the understanding that whatever happened, happened, and you will grow from it. You have two choices: You could let this destroy you or you can use this as a testimony to grown and help others. Recognize that you can't do this on your own. Your identity doesn't lie in other people or the situation that you may be in. Instead it lies in God. Once you encounter God you find your identity in Him and you find your purpose. Abound in His never ending grace, mercy, and His love that never fails. Placing your identity in other things or people will only end with you feeling let down, having unmet expectations, or even heartbreak. God is the only constant, He will never fail you. So stop putting your trust and/or giving your heart to someone or something that isn't constant. It isn't worth it, but you are! Girls and guys (if your reading this as well), know your worth! It is imperative! I was speaking to a friend of mine and she told me something that totally light a bulb in my head. I was talking to her about how sometimes I find myself getting bored and wanting to skip to the interesting parts when reading the Bible, for example the book of Leviticus, and I asked her for advice on a devotional plan or whatnot. She proceeded to tell me, "That's the funny thing, it's like life we tend to want what we want. We can't just flip to our favorite books and start there." The good things, the rainbows and butterflies. We have times in life that are deserts or things  just don't go the way that we thought or we wanted it to go. We have to know that there is an end date to seasons and that we go through these thing to build us up. How crazy. Personally, that spoke to me because I am going through a season like that, but having in mind that there is an end date to this season is very encouraging. I say this over and over again because it is so true, "seasons are just that, seasons." See we are just so focused on this one portion of our life that we don't see the bigger picture of what will come from all of this, and we won't, only God does. Trust in Him, His promises are so true and He is unwavering. Don't give the situation or person that hurt you have power over you, don't dwell on it. Do what Jesus instructed the blind man to do, "Get up! Pick up your mat and go!" Don't let what was/is holding you down keep you from living, let it propel you towards greatness.

 I want to start something new in my life and I want to challenge you to add this into your life. Every time that you find yourself struggling with your worth, self-confidence, feel bummed, or so overwhelmed with questions of purpose and identity try this: Write on a note in your phone or write on a piece a paper some promises over your life. Start speaking truth and life over yourself! 

For example, here are mine:

I am worthy of a man who loves me whole heartedly and irrevocably.

I am worthy of respect.

I am worthy of laughter and joy.

I am smart.

I am beautiful.

I am stronger than I think.

There are plans for good in my life.

God knew me before I was born.

His love is unfailing, unchanging, constant. 

If He brought me to it, He will bring me through it.

He supplies my needs. 

I am worthy of loving and being loved. 

I am forgiven.

I am restored.

I am loved.

What will yours be? I encourage you to do this. It's easier to know these things, but how about actually believing them. I believe that living out your life in full confidence of who you are created to be will change your perspective on so many things. We are worthy and our identity won't be defined by a situation, finances, emotions, or a guy. There is more to life then this desert, all season are necessary for there to be life. 

"Dont despise the season that you are in; instead step into all that God is doing in and through you during this time!"-Christine Caine"




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