How to Find Your Personal Style

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Hello everyone! Today's post is all about finding your personal style. This post might've been long await for, being that this is a fashion and lifestyle blog, right? I always get asked questions about my clothing, style, and fashion. I hadn't really identified my own personal style until this last year, although I have always loved fashion and clothing! My mom being a cosmologist and hairstylist sure helped propel me to seek to look and feel my very best. I am pretty thankful for that. Now remember clothing doesn't define who you are, nor does it give you worth. You merely wear the clothes, don't let them wear you.  Everyone's personal style is each their own, take hold of that and accentuate it, own it. You are your own person, remember that!  Personal style is so clever in that it allows you to express yourself without even saying a word. I find that pretty remarkable. 

I want to share with you seven tips on how to find or develop your own personal style. First, I want to share my personal style. I would describe my style as "minimalist girly chic". I am a girly girl for sure. But I have a plethora or neutrals in my closet. Rare is the day when you find me wearing green, orange, yellow or a crazy pattern. (My heart does skip a beat for a good pastel pink and lavender on occasions) I am a lover of blacks, grays, taupes, white, creams, blues, denim, leather, and stripes. 90% of my closet consists of neutral shades and I love the versatility that it offers. Those colors and items make me feel great and instantly gives me a positive start to my day, as well as an added pep in my step. 

Let's get started!

1. Who do you want to be? 

There are mornings when I wake up and I literally sit and stare at my closet for minutes, which seem like hours, trying to figure out what to wear. Then there are days when I wake up and I know exactly what I want to wear. Oh how I wish every morning was like this! When we pick out what we will wear for the day, we basically choose how we want to look that day. In essence, think about it. Who do you want to be that day? Do you want to be super girly and wear a dress, maybe edgy and wear all black with leather pants? Or are you going to an interview or internship and need to look professional? An amazing outfit can make you feel like you can conquer the day. Tell me this isn't true?! Don't dress for others, dress for yourself. This leads me to my next point...

2. How do you want to feel in your clothing?

You know when you put an outfit on and you are totally feeling it? You pray you run into that really hot guy, are seen by all of your friends, and you feel like taking millions of selfies or #ootd pictures. Yes we have all be there. But there are also those days that you look back on and think, "OMGSH why did I wear that!?" You think this outfit is so cute, but then you walk outside and it's so bad. You instantly feel like changing and you don't feel so great about yourself. Thank God for friends that tell you when you look rough or when your outfit is a little cray. So how do you want to feel in your clothing? Do you want to feel confident, bold, pretty, effortless, comfortable, presentable, chic? Make sure to match your clothing to how you want to feel. Also dress of the occasion and location. Very dramatic example, but your not going to wear a gown and heels to roam the city or go to the beach, unless your in a wedding or in a photoshoot. Be mindful of your environment. Choose outfits that make you feel radiant! 

3. Stick to items that make you feel great: 

This goes hand in hand with my previous point. When you purchase items for your closet make sure you aren't buying them on a whim. Before you commit and purchase, TRY IT ON! When you try it on do you feel great? Do you feel flawless lol but seriously. It is so important that whatever items have the privilege to make it into your wardrobe make you feel like a million dollars. You might be saying, "What if I'm just buying shorts, or a plain t-shirt?" You're absolutely right. Do those shorts make you feel good about yourself? Do you feel comfortable in them? Are your shorts having a little show-and-tell in the backside or do they have just the right amount of distressing? Is your plain t-shirt so tight that you feel uncomfortable in the tummy area? Is it so sheer that you see your bra? Or is it perfectly oversized so you can wear it over leather leggings and tuck it into some high-waisted jeans, as well? 

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chicwish cardigan via @rosetoroses
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4. Go-to outfits: 

This is my favorite tip because it is so true! I have a handful of outfit or even pieces in my closet that I know won't fail me! I can even mix and match them. You know that one outfit that you put on and you feel incredible? Yes, we all have that outfit. Well scan that outfit into your brain or write it down in a journal if it helps. These looks are your bffs! Seriously life and time savers! Whenever I have those days that nothing seems to look good and I can't find anything to wear, I simply reach for one of my old faithfuls and I know that I will look and feel great that day. There are no rules for repeating outfits. Besides clothes are meant to be worn, not hung up to be admired. The next time you find yourself feeling and looking stunning in a simple outfit, remember it and keep it in your back pocket (figuratively) for whenever you need an emergancy hawt ootd or ootn. 

5. Dressing for your body type:

Oh how important this is! Let me preface this tip with this, embrace your body type! Everyone's is different and there is beauty in that. Because not everyone looks the same, not everything fits the same. Be body conscious and mindful of how things fit. Embrace your body and dress it for the best, even if it means buying the next size up or passing up that cute crop top. Story of my life. I tend to buy oversized pieces and flowy items, but I like that. I don't like feeling confined. I also love the look of a tasteful crop, and I do them sometimes. Most often then not, I pass them up because I don't feel the greatest, the most comfortable, or the best version of me in that top. I don't want to be adjusting my top the whole day or making sure my shirt doesn't raise up when I go to bend down or raise my hands. I am not one to sacrifice my comfort for an outfit. How annoying is it to have to constantly check yourself so nothing shows that isn't suppose to show? Super annoying. Embrace your body and find out what fits your body the best and stick to those things. Are you top heavy, got a booty, curvy, tall, petite (like me!)? There are no standard, only the ones you make. You are beautiful and you deserve to look and feel your best! Be mindful of the clothing items that make you feel that way and own it!

6. Have basic items in your closet:

Basics are your staple pieces! Identify the pieces that you can't live without. For example, is there a dress that fits you like a glove and makes you feel so beautiful? Buy it in two colors, especially if they are plain colors, better if neutral? You can mix and match and you can style that dress differently everytime you wear it. Neutrals match with anything and so do stripes so stock up on those. Find a great pair of jeans that you can wear over and over again and feel so good in them. A good skirt, some great plain t-shirts, button ups, a great leather jacket as well as a jean one. Sweaters and blouses. Boots, sandals, sneakers, heels, and flats, have one of each style that is a go-to and a staple. Essentially, you should be able to mix and match everything in your closet. My motto is quality over quantity. If I have to save just a little bit more money to buy a great pair of jeans that fit perfectly and will last a long time, then I rather buy those then a pair of jeans that will stretch after the first wash. How about a plain grey tee that will shrink after the first wash? This has happened to me so many times. I have found that it is better to save and then buy a quality piece then go to a cheaper store and buy 30 items but 15 shrink or break after a couple of months. Those stores are great for trend pieces. If you have a good 10-20 staple pieces in your closet that you can mix and match then that is all you need. Seriously don't underestimate the power of a good basic. 

7. Get inspired:

Pinterest my friends! There is nothing wrong with a little pinspiration! I love getting outfit ideas from Pinterest. My advice is to create a fashion/style board on your Pinterest and collect pictures of outfits or items that you love! Try to recreate those looks and see if they work for you. I get inspired from pinterest as well as other bloggers and even my friends. Now always remember to dress for yourself and like yourself. Cater the outfits that you gain inspiration from to your own person. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and follow my Fashion board, Happy Pinning!


I hope this was enjoyable and extremely helpful! It is so fun to explore, discover and find your own personal style. If you ever have any questions about fashion, style, or beauty feel free to comment down below or email me your questions! I would love to chat with you!

Comment down below and tell me which was your favorite tip! 

Also comment down below if there are any other topics that you would like for me to talk about! 



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