Nursing School

A little bit about myself, I love making list and making plans. I have learned that plans are meant to be broken, they will never turn out the way you envisioned it to. However, the end result will turn out better than anything imagine. You might not see it now but you will in the long run. The bigger picture isn't what we see at first. We always focus on that tiny obstacle in front of us that seems like a huge iceberg. In the scope of things, that tiny obstacle that seems insurmountable  is actually a checkpoint along the road of life that will shape, teach, stretch, and grow you. When you switch your perspective on that "thing", then you will see with clarity, and that is a rarity. I wanted to share this because lately I had been a skeptical one. I had gone through a rough season of transition, and those are the worst. My vision was clouded by foul perspective, but once I learned and applied that "perspective changes everything" my vision became clearer. I learned that you can't do things on your own, live life with all that is within you, and to cherish silence. I was skeptic about who I was called to me. The age old question, "who am I going to be when I grow up?" Plus it felt like I hadn't heard from God in a while, which caused me to question if I was really suppose to be a nurse or not. Nursing School was something I had been praying about for a very long time. I knew it wasn't something that would be remotely easy. It would involve a lot of sacrifice, dedication, sleepless nights, super friggin' mind-blowing exams, and long hours in hospitals. I knew that way before jumping into this. However, I didn't know that each of the things mentioned about would be multiplied by like eight. To preface this, I just want to say that I did indeed pass my first semester of Nursing School (passing means you got a B or an A). I am sure more than ever that this is where God wants me to be. This first semester was the hardest months of my life. I seriously don't know how I did it, oh yeah, with God. I promise you, if God didn't want me hear I would've been gone alone time ago. Because every time I took a test, I don't even know how I passed it. It is that hard. So how did I get so skeptical?

Alright so after I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. I have a love and appreciation for the human body and babies. It reveals God's realness in a whole other level to me. Let's just say that the school I wanted to go didn't have a nursing program, boo hoo. So I took some classes at a community college until one day I got a phone call that changed my life. It was the school that I wanted to go to calling and they told me that they were going to open up a nursing program! WHATTT, FAVOR! I started my transfer plans, and a year later I was enrolled in my dream school. Next came the TEAS test, (entrance exam for nursing school, like ACT or SATS). Okay so I studied long and hard and I failed by like 1 point, only to get a call 5 minutes after I walked out to tell me that there was a miscalculation and I had indeed passed! FAVOR or what!! In February of this year I got the call that I had been accepted to the first cohort class of Nursing School at Southeastern University (insert a million crying emojis here). Out of 300 applicants I was one of the 29 student chosen, wow, thank you God. Fast forward to August, I entered the hardest classes of my life. Let me just say the glorious "syllabus week or day" was my "first official day of class" until 9pm (insert a million crying emoji face here). Throughout this Fall semester I was challenged so much, but I have also grown so much. I have such respect for humans as a whole, for nurses and everything that they do, for my professors and the endless hours that they put into teaching us new skills, and in myself. I know how to put in a foley catheter, take vitals, and perform head to toe assessments, to name few. Looking back, I have no idea how I got here. This job isn't easy, but man oh man, when I saw that baby come into the room for a head to toe, my heart glowed. I knew that was what I was suppose to be doing. I want to bring love, care, joy, hope, and compassion to mothers and their babies. In closure, finals week came too fast and that God it is long gone. I got the worst news of my life, "Raiza, please report to my office." (OMGSH! I had never been summoned to someones office before.) I began freaking out and rethinking all of my life choices. I said to myself, "Ok, I have to change my major to... ugh idk, I don't want to be anything else.", "Fine, i'll drop out of school and get a job that I can grow in.","NO, NOT EVEN AN OPTION!". After the meeting, I was told that I passed this semester, because I had passed my final, meaning that if I hadn't passed it, I would've been cut. (Let me remind you that failing consists of you getting a C or lower). Moral of the story is, that was God. I am more certain than I ever was that this is where God wants me. I am called to be a nurse. It isn't for everyone and God has called me to use my hands, my brain, my heart, and my words to minister to those that are hurt. I might've been skeptical but in the silence, now looking back I can see that God was present. He was opening doors that I never deemed worthy of opening. Yes he closed other doors, but now I see that I wouldn't have had devoted enough time to that. There is always a give and take, but when you put your trust in God's hands and earnestly seek him in the silence or even in the turbulence, He still hears you, He still guides you and His is the ultimate plan. So I rest in the confidence that the Lord has given me. Something that helped me get through this semester, and I know it will help me get through the rest of them is this beautiful reminder: "If He brought you to it, He will lead you through it!" So true. I hope my story was a story of encouragement to keep going. Find your security in God, for He hold you dearly. Cherish silence and keep a keen ear and heart to the Lord. Good luck to you all in your endeavors! Here's to the next three semesters of Nursing School! 

"After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper." -1 Kings 19:12



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