I Dare You to Dream


"Dream bigger dreams than you can fathom of dreaming"

I've always had a heart full of dreams. Dreams to explore, to love, to learn, to be enchanted with life. I have proposed to write a bucket list, which in faith, I will keep adding to and crossing things off. I have written many bucket list ever since I could remember. But now being in college, (some may even say, in my prime), I want to challenge myself to write a legitimate and genuine bucket list. So my plan is to do just that. Dream on a piece of paper and see myself achieve those things that I jot down. I know that fulfilling this list might take time and may even change with time , but that's the fun of it. I vouch to accomplish these things with all of my heart. I can't wait to cross these things off my list. I also can't wait to see whom I accomplish some of these things with!

And so I shall begin my dreamy bucket list,

  1. Go parasailing (in the Ocean or in Africa from a truck; anyone seen the movie Blended? Yes I want to do what Drew Barrymore does.)
  2. Get scuba diving certified or snorkel in the ocean. (I have a fear of open water, so It would be awesome to conquer that fear)
  3. Go to Bora Bora or Fiji
  4. Go to London (ride the London Eye and take endless pictures)
  5. Paris (eat a croissant at the top of the Eiffel Tower)
  6. Ride in a gondola through Venice, Italy.
  7. Go to Mykonos and relax in front of the Mediterranean, while eating a Greek Salad
  8. Go to Los Angeles and hike up to see the Hollywood sign, and do all of the touristy things. (done!)
  9. Go to Australia and hold a koala.
  10. Go to Switzerland and attempt to ski down the Swiss Alps.
  11. Write a children's book.
  12. Learn Calligraphy
  13. Go white water rafting (done!)
  14. Kayak in the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico (done!)
  15. Go on a road trip with my friends
  16. Release a bunch of lanterns into the sky, like in the movie Tangled.
  17. Be fluent in 3 languages, (two down, one more to go, maybe Portuguese)
  18. Go on a family trip to Canada
  19. Go see Celine Dion in concert
  20. Go on a hot air balloon
  21. Zip-line in the rainforest 
  22. See the Northern Lights (done twice!)
  23. Go to Iceland (done twice!)
  24. Hold a sloth (literally love sloths) (done!)
  25. Go whale watching (done!)
  26. Graduate from nursing school (done!)
  27. Learn to cook (done!)
  28. Be head over heels, irrevocably and reciprocally in love (done!)

*Yes there is a lot of traveling on here, I'm fully aware, but hey I have a wandering heart and the best way to learn it by exploring.*

I stopped at number 28, however I will continue to add to this list as my big ol' heart keeps dreaming! (Check back to see how long my list grows and see what I cross off) Keep on dreaming friends, there are far greater things ahead of us!




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