Elevate Hearts

The human heart is life itself. All of our existence on earth is dependent on this muscular organ. Our hearts are full of vivacious life, dreams, and emotions. My heart is full of hope, dreams, goals, love, life, and soft-spoken talent. Within myself I have many dreams and goals that I wish to accomplish whilst my time here on earth. In my heart lies an abundance of love, love to give and love desired to receive. In my heart there is also soft-spoken talent. Soft-spoken because I've always had a difficult time trying to figure out what my "gift", "talent", or "calling" was. See I am surrounded by a plethora of friends that are incredibly gifted in singing and rocking out. However, your girl over here, can only sing in the shower or the car, haha. I can tell you the countless instruments that I took lesson in and gave up after learning Mary Had a Little Lamb. Lets be real, everyone has a niche and music isn't mine. I've always struggled with the desire to find my talent, find my niche. 

"This is the time where God isn't elevating talent, He is elevating hearts." -John Grey

I recently heard this quote and it stuck out to me, because of the truth within it. I have found my niche, and I wouldn't call it a talent, just a gift and a blessing. I have a passion to be a voice to others, a voice to help babies and kids. I will achieve this through nursing and being the best nurse that I can be! I have also found my voice through this blog. A voice to inspire and share through my writing! See friends, talents or gift are blessings, they are meant to be shared and not harbored. God will use your talents for His glory and your heart will be so full and elevated for His Kingdom. This has been a season for self discovery and growth for me. I am beyond thrilled for what is to come for rosetoroses.com and I can't wait to share it with you all! Starting a blog was something that I've always wanted to do, but was quite apprehensive about it, because "what if nobody reads it." But I moved past that fear and being that I've always loved the beauty of writing, to be able to share my voice  through it, is pretty astounding! 

I urge you all, stop seeking platforms for your talent(s). Everyone of us has a God given talent, so loose yourself in your maker and see how He unravels Himself in you. That talent and gift(s) will flow oh so effortlessly. Let us elevate each others hearts! Encouraging and supporting each other in our dreams and gifts. Side note for when times get rough: "if He brought you here, He will take you there, so it doesn't matter what happens in the middle from here to there." You got this! Surround yourself with positive friends who will elevate your heart and speak life (don't forget to reciprocate that).

Let our hearts beat with the fullness of life, dreams, love, and soft-spoken talent! Allow him to elevate your heart and be attentive to hear how loud your heart can beat!

I for one will elevate the hearts of those around me, will you join me?



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