It's the Climb

My little brother leading the way. 

My little brother leading the way. 

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed my post on my first day in Puerto Rico, if you missed it then check it out here. I am going to be posting more about my trip so subscribe (link on the sidebar) to keep up to date with the latest!  

Day Three: 

Okay so let me just start by saying that day three was one of the most memorable days of the trip. I learned so much about myself and what I was capable of doing. It's pretty crazy how your mindset, perspective, and encouragement can get you so far. We started our Sunday off with some delicious breakfast and met with my aunt, uncle, cousin and her friend. We then headed to Fajardo, it was little ways away but the drive was nice. Our destination for today was Rio Las Tinajas, in the middle of the tropical forest. We arrived at what seemed to be a big parking area in the middle of the mountains with a natural river flowing beside it. I thought that we had arrived at our destination. Yeah right! My cousin, Ashley, then informed me that we needed to hike approximately an hour to reach this hideaway. I think I might've laughed in her face, because my mom (scared of heights), grandpa (79 years old), dad (pacemaker), and aunt (recently operated)  were all here to embark on this journey. I suppose all of the details weren't mentioned to them because their faces where priceless, ha! I, for one love hiking so I was so down to hike through rivers, climb mountains, and slip and fall on mud, as I did once, once! 

We walked through a river that was waist deep and looked up to our next hurdle, a mountain of mud and dirt which you can only use tree roots to climb up. This my friends was so crazy! I thought my grandpa was going to die. Luckily he made it, thanks to my brothers who pushed him up the mountain. After that we walked another 25min and then we reach this giant natural river where people where swinging off vines and ropes into the water. I thought this was it, NOPE! My aunt, mom, and grandpa stayed her but the rest of the gang hiked 15 more minutes through pretty tough terrain, I fell once and it was pretty funny. FINALLY! We reached our destination! There was a giant rock that looked like a cliff, perhaps 50ft heigh, naturally we jumped off of it! I came for the natural waterslide, I'm all about that. It was sooooo cold and so fun! The water was so deep but it didn't phase me. I just prayed that my contacts wouldn't come out and that I would surface again, ha. I did, thankfully. My favorite memory was when it began pouring. ( You're suppose to evacuate because of flash flood but yolo, right?) As it was pouring I remember just laying on top of this big boulder and stretched my arms out and soaked everything in. The air was so fresh, the rain so cold, smiles, laughter, joy, family, it was all there. In that moment I had an epiphany. I remember thinking, "Wow thank you God, you are amazing!" I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had gotten to the destination no matter all of the obstacles that I went through because in the end that moment was priceless. I learned that I am capable of much more than I give myself credit for. I am bold, I love adventure, hiking, and nature is where I feel closest to God. No matter the falls, scrapes, and feelings of not being able to jump and take the leap, the end result was euphoric and worth every bit of it. I will forever treasure that moment of laying on the rock getting soaked and being extremely happy, so much so that I wanted to cry. I felt such a sense of peace overcome me that it was surreal. I have never felt that much joy before. 

When the rain subsided we ventured back down the mountain where someone informed us that there was a parking spot that we could've paid $10 instead of $3. That parking would've given us access to a gate that brought us straight to the trail and we didn't need to put ourselves through that intense mountain climbing. LOL... I think my grandpa almost had a fit. Well that became the joke of the day! I am so proud of my family for pulling this off and enjoying every bit of it!

Remember, you can do more than what you think you can! You will pull through whatever obstacle you are facing, trust and know that you will come out on the other side, victorious. Focus on the goal and the destination and you will get there! 

Stay tune for day four



My beautiful cousin Ashley!

My beautiful cousin Ashley!

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