Caves by the Seaside


Hi everyone! If you have or haven't been keeping up with Rose to Roses, I have been sharing my vacation in Puerto Rico! Check out day one & two, threefour and five. Make sure to subscribe (link on the sidebar) to my blog to keep up with the latest! Enjoy day six, just as much as I enjoyed climbing the caves and inhaling the fresh ocean breeze! 

Day Six:

On this day we decided to take a mini road trip to Arecibo. The nice thing about this trip is that my newlywed cousin and his new family were able to come with us! Plus my uncle, cousin and grandpa as well. This made it so much more fun. I love being surrounded by family and since I don't have them around all the time, I truly treasure these moments. Anyways, our first stop was Cueva del Indio. It is a cave a rock system along the shores of this beach in Arecibo. It was pretty inexpensive as well and we spent about two hours there, we honestly could've spent more time exploring the never ending caves but hunger got the best of us. I love the climbing and adventure of it, because the views from the top and bottom where breathtaking. Okay so there was a cave were you have to climb down a wooden ladder, like 12ft or more down. It was a tad scary because that wooden ladder is hundreds of years old, but it was so worth it.  So our first portion of the day was spent exploring this! There is just something about being up there so high and hearing the ocean that was so soothing. Once the hunger set in we grabbed something to eat and headed to our second stop. Cool fact: a lot of movies have been filmed here as well!

Day Six cont'd

Our second stop was the Arecibo Observatory. This observatory holds the world's largest single-dish radio telescope. How cool is that? I love space related things, goes along with the science nerd inside of me. Now let me tell you that we had to hike up to get to this observatory. It was funny, lets just say there were a couple breaks in between the parking and the entrance lol. It was great to learn about the importance of the satellite and how it not only helps Puerto Rico, The US, but also other countries. It was pretty big and that reflector piece in the middle reminded me of the Epcot ball in Disney World. After the Observatory we headed down to the Outlets in Barceloneta. It's safe to safe that some damage was done there. After some retail therapy and the yummiest macaroons, we decided to call it a day and headed back home. My favorite memory of this day was conquering my fear of heights and climbing down the old wooden steep ladder, watching my mom and grandpa climb this, and also reaching to the top and seeing the arch with my family! I loved this day, definitely want to go back to the cave for sure! 

Day seven is coming up soon!



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