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Hey everyone! Have you ever felt like you were on the hunt for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Well I sure felt like that this week. Geez Louise, (who's Louise?) this week has been so stressful and incredibly busy for me. I've been searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, for sure. Thankfully the end of the rainbow has come and my pot of gold is within reach. You may be asking, "Raiza what pot of gold are you talking about?". Two words, one island....PUERTO RICO! Ahh! I am so excited that I am going to be spending some time in Paradise, my homeland, how fun! I am so over online school, waking up early for work, and emails, I am in dire need of a vacation, adventure, and a golden tan (haha joke because I never seem to be able to tan). This is my final vacation before I venture off into the world of nursing school, eep! (more on that later) Plus my cousin is getting married and I am so excited to be able to be there for that day, weddings make me feel some type of way. I don't even have a dress for the wedding yet, omgsh, what is life? 

By the time you are reading this I will be sipping on a piña colada with my toes in the sand. I will share with you my adventures and a plethora of pictures, so follow all of my social media links to stay up to date. Guys I cannot tell you enough how excited I am. It'll be so worth the stressful week and all of the stuff I have to get done before I leave. Speaking of that, I should go pack now, but how does one even begin to pack? I am a pro at procrastinating, there should seriously be a degree on that, but whoever is coming up with that is probably a master procrastinator as well. Now this little number that I am wearing in these pictures is one item that I will be packing. More on that below! 

Have a great week and I can't wait to share my Caribbean adventure with you all,




WHITE WHITE WHITE! I am obsessed with all things white. When I saw this romper I fell in love. It is perfection, it looks like a dress but it has a slip that is shorts! What! Mind blown, whoever invented this seriously needs to make more. I'll have one in every color and print please. The back of the baby is a beautiful open back, how haute and chic! I am so excited to be collaborating with Mura Boutique, my favorite Aussie boutique. Just go on their site and you will want everything, trust me, I do. So click on the link and start perusing! 

Lets not forget about the Daniel Wellington watch. Minimalistic elegance at its finest and I am in love. Click on the link and use the code "rosetoroses" during checkout to get 15% off your purchase. How sweet is that!


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romper: mura*shoes: sam edelman, watch: daniel wellington*, bracelet: alex & ani

shop my closet: poshmark & @shoprosetoroses

How cool are my daper little brothers (yes younger in age but taller in stature by what seams like miles) and my gorgeous friend. 

How cool are my daper little brothers (yes younger in age but taller in stature by what seams like miles) and my gorgeous friend.