I Vouch to...


Hey everyone! Goodness these past few weeks have been a whole lot! Congratulations and good luck to everyone who has gone back to school, you will get through it! I started nursing school this past week and let me tell you that it is the most exciting and surreal thing that has happened to me. However, it is also the most demanding, strenuous and tiring thing! Literally run on 4 hours of sleep every day. (I'll share more about my nursing school journey in a future post)

Whatever season you are entering right now is pivotal. I encourage you to take it in, whether it be a good season or a bad season. Exciting or stagnant. Feel it, its okay to feel. Remember seasons are just that, seasons! I personally am in a way different season than I was exactly a year ago. A lot has changed, there has been the good days and there has also been the bad days. Life is crazy guys! We won't figure it all out and there is beauty within that mystery. Last semester I wrote a little something and vouch a little somethings, read them here. Looking back at that list, I can tell you that I did everything that I vouched to do. A lot had happened from Spring to Fall semester and I have grown and learned more about myself then ever. So this Fall I will do it again, I will vouch some more things and commit to seeing it through. I encourage you to write a list of things that you want to accomplish this semester or season. Let it be a catalyst for growth in your life and see how far you come at the end of it all.

This Fall semester I vouch to:

- Take every moment in. 

- Rejoice in the tiny (and big) wins in life.

- Build on relationships and friendships, new and old.

- STUDY my brains out.

- Have fun!

- Have dance parties when I get stressed.

- Write more.

- Be daring! 

- Stay up to date with Scandal (oops, my new vice)

- Cross something off my bucket list.

- Make decisions.

- Believe in myself.

What will you vouch?



Let's talk fashion! Okay I am so in love with Australian clothing brands! This dress is a perfect transition from Spring to Fall. It has a darker floral pattern with a high neck which I love! You can wear it alone or add an oversized denim jacker or even a leather jacket and transition this dress in many ways. Pair it with your favorite sandals or boots and change into a pair of heels for the night! 

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