Keepsake stole my heart

Hello everyone! Let me tell you a little story, okay here goes... So last month I went to Puerto Rico for my cousin's wedding, and like almost every other girl, I was in an endless search for the perfect dress to wear. I couldn't find anything!  I ventured to the mall the day before my flight left and I had no luck. I left the mall empty handed, believe it or not. However, when I got home I had a special package waiting for me. Literally the most perfect packaging that I have ever seen. I opened the package as if I were on minute to win it, seriously! I couldn't believe that this romper was waiting for me! Not to mention it fit like a glove. I was so ecstatic and I knew this would be what I would be wearing to my cousins wedding. I wanted to share some pictures of this lovely piece, since I didn't include any pictures from the day of my cousins wedding in my Puerto Rico posts (Check out day one and two, three, four, five, and six). This is the most gorgeous piece of clothing that I have in my closet. I can't wait to wear it again!

I have a thing with Aussie labels, I am so thankful that Fashion Bunker carries all of these labels. This dainty piece is by Keepsake the Label and they are by far one of my favorite Aussie labels. I could seriously live in a closet full of Keepsake and other Aussie labels! Can't wait to get my hands on more Keepsake and their rompers which are my absolute favorite.



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romper: Keepsake through Fashion Bunker*shoes: zara, watch: daniel wellington*,

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