Silver Lining

So thankful for friends like Jenny in my life // @jenmsuarez 

So thankful for friends like Jenny in my life // @jenmsuarez 

Hello everyone! Man oh man has these past few weeks been a whirlwind! Literally the craziest weeks hands down. However I am so grateful for all of family and friends who have helped me through this craziness. I wouldn't be sane if it weren't for them, seriously. For those of you who don't know I was involved in a big car accident August 1st. Thank God everyone is fine, but I can't say the same about my car, Stellaluna, RIP. It was very nerve recking and right out scary, I was completely conscious the whole time so I remember it clearly. When they say that "your life flashes right before your eyes", yep totally true. Lets just say that I had to grow up real quick and figure my life out, LOL. That was stressful enough, not to mention that I was moving back to school the following week plus I had no car and no money. Story of a broke nursing student. I am just going to flat out say that man oh man, if you trust God in every aspect of your life, He will come through. I have no idea where and how I was able to get everything that I needed for my roommate (@beca.abigail) and I's apartment. Not to mention I was still able to go to work, did not have any scares or bruises, got all my nursing program vaccines done, and on top of that I GOT A CAR!! WHAT! Yeah! Wow, I was not expecting to get a car because financially speaking lets just say this was a total miracle and God does not disappoint. I have learned that even though at the moment we may not understand the things that happen to us, God sees everything at a much larger scale, ultimately for His name to be glorified. If you ever doubt God's love and care for you, may my little testimony of provision and restoration be  an encouragement. 

I am sitting on my couch typing away in my apartment, which I arrived to in my new car, and I am starting nursing school in 3 days! Pinch me, is this real life?

Thank you to everyone who helped me thorough this hell of a week. I am convinced that God divinely appoints people to be in your life for a reason, and I couldn't have done all of this without each of them. So thank you friends and family! The car accident has made me realize how short life really is, it is pertinent that we make each moment count. Enjoy life, form lasting relationships, be intentional with every step and breath that you take. Look around you and appreciate every single thing. Sometimes we are so caught up in our hectic lives, fast moving world around us, monotonous schedules, daily irritations, and social media frenzy. It is much needed to take a step back and revitalize your soul. Someone once said, "the more the irritations that occur on your life, the bigger the blessing that God is going to unleash!" Alright God, I am ready for the blessing! 

Find the silver lining in the midst of the cloudiness in your life! Seasons are just that, seasons. You got this!





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