White on White

Hey everyone! This past week has been a whirlwind. Geez it sounds like every past week has been a whirlwind, which is pretty accurate. I am just trying to juggle my school schedule, work, friend, family, and blogging. Quite frankly, this has been a tough adjustment. To be honest, I wanted to write a super amazing out of this world blog post, maybe something about self-esteem, friendships, or my fall favorites. I don't know, but that didn't happen. Perhaps next post will be a great one! HA. Whilst I take a grip of my life, I encourage you to take a step back to prioritize what's important in your life, figure out what makes your heartbeat and what you love. Sometimes it is best to take a couple days to refresh and regroup. So that's what I will do. I will take a couple of days off to recharge and get myself together. At times in life we are overwhelmed by the cloudiness of life and all of it's propensities to catch us of guard with circumstances. Or sometimes it surprises us with tremendous opportunities and out of this word experiences, but we are too caught up in the bad, in the whirlwind, that we do not see clearly. We don't get to enjoy the good because we choose only to see the mess, the cloudiness. Life is composed of endless choices and everyday when we wake up we must choose to be better, to progress and no to regress. If you tell yourself that you don't want to make a choice for whatever reason, to numb yourself or to ignore the circumstances, then guess what? You have made a choice. A choice for stagnation. Stagnation brings mold, rottenness, brokenness and leaves only growth for malice. That's growth that you don't want. Instead choose life, choose to grow and break cycles, break through the cloudiness. Yes it'll hurt, yes it will suck but you must do it, if not you will miss out on the promises that God has for your life. You can miss all of the amazing opportunities and greatness that is surrounding you. Instead it will seem like those things are simply passing you by. Have you ever had a friend in which you feel like everything amazing is happening for them and it appears like they have everything going in their favor, yes SAME. Well, examine yourself, you might view this in that manner because you are stuck in a volatile cycle of your chaos. If you only took a moment, step back, focus on the positive and push though, you would see all of the greatness that is for you and not against you. God will give you the strength to break through and rip off that bandaid, to progress and not regress. He is your strength, He wants nothing but the very best for you and if you accept that, that is what you will get. Loose yourself in Him and you will be found in Him. 

Well that rambling turned into something else. Anyway, whatever it is, push through it. Choose life, choose to see the good. Choices make all the difference in the world. Trust and take hold of God. Let Him give you the very best and receive it with open arms. Take a step back and prioritize if needed, or just take a mental break, that's good for the soul. Until next time my friends!



"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." 1 Peter 5:7 (NLT)

White on white is a combination that I have been loving lately. It is a subtle but bold statement. I kinda felt like Olivia Pope in this outfit. This was my version of one of her phenomenally tailored white pant suits. Funny story about this top. I had pinned this top on Pinterest and never thought I would actually ever own it, kinda like all my other fashion pins on Pinterest. Thanks to Chicwish, I now obtained something from my Pinterest fashion board and I love it and now you can get it too! Yay! 

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top: chicwish*, denim: american eagle (similar), shoes: forever 21 (similarsimilar), watch: daniel wellington*,  cuff: all the wire*