Let's Be Real

Hey everyone! Beautiful, a world that is often so trite, and overused, even abused. This word is a word that girls, woman all over the world crave to hear, and also love to hear. It is unfortunate that the word, beauty, is so misrepresented these days. Whether it be through celebrities, ads, movies, and photoshop. All of the things created an unachievable "look" and definition of "beauty" is. The misconstrued images lead to problems like eating disorders, self esteem issues, no self confidence, looking for acceptance in another person, or unhappiness. Let me just say that we are all beautiful. Each one of us on this earth are pure beauty. We are not meant to look like a doll or those retouched images. We are called to me our own. We are called to be real. There is a point where you just have to say enough! I will not conform to the peer pressure or media, society, or your own unhealthy thoughts. Know that you are beautiful. Every inch, every part of you is beautiful. Don't compare don't seek that approval of beauty from anything else. Don't hide, but be firm and bloom in who you are and watch the beauty within yourself bloom. You are beautiful! As woman we should lift each other up and build confidence up in one another. Let's start a new trend, a trend of reality. A trend to uplift, to find power within all of your quirks and peculiarities. There is only one of you in this whole entire Earth, how crazy is that! EMBRACE IT! Embrace yourself, you are the one and only (insert your name here). Only you have the dreams, desires, likes, dislikes, laughter, and smile that you have. Nobody else on this planet is YOU. Not even a tad. 

That is why when I heard of the AerieReal Campaign, I knew that I had to share it with you and participate in it. Listen, I have not always been the most confident girl out there. I have dealt with insecurities, played the comparison game, and not felt to great about my body, but who hasn't been there? And that is okay, because I am real, we are real, we go through this. However, I have learned that I am me. That's it, there is only one Raiza in this world that dreams, talks, walks, breathes the way that I do. Thats uplifting. I don't have to try to be a photoshopped version of me, I like me, I love me, the OG Raiza is pretty darn cool, and beautiful. That's it. We need to acknowledge that we are beautiful, You are beautiful. It's not weird to say that you love yourself, its healthy, its amazing. Not narcissistically or anything, just purely. This campaign focuses on being REAL girls, REAL woman ( #AerieREAL). 100% no retouching, embrace your imperfections because to God you are perfect, wholly. I am the quirkiest person you will meet, I am pretty shy at first, I'm a weird short gal, but it's okay! Thats what makes me, me. What makes you, you?

Remember, you are beautiful! Accept it, embrace it! 



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romper: aerie*, bralette: aerie(similar), sweater: brandy melville (similar) (similar) watch: daniel wellington*,  cuff: all the wire*