Just Breathe

Hello everyone! Hope your week went better then mine, this week was mega stressful for me. I am so glad it is over, for the weekend at least, and then it begins all over again. I am learning how to cope and manage with the change of lifestyle that nursing school has brought. It will be okay! 

In the words of Anna Nalick and Michelle Branch, "Just Breathe". Something that I have learned this week is to value time for yourself. Life is overwhelming with a plethora of good, bad, and in between moments. It is so important to not get caught up in the every single moment. There are somethings that you hone in on and other things that you just have to let pass by. If not you may find yourself being pulled in more ways than you can. It can be so easy to forget about setting time apart for yourself. Whether it be getting a pedicure, massage, shopping, watching movies, or sleeping in. Make it a habit to separate at least 30minutes-1 hour to yourself a day, or treat yourself to something nice weekly or biweekly. Let your body and mind just rest. I know my brain is always on overdrive and it can be so easy to transfer the stress of school, work, hospital, and other miscellaneous crazies into my personal time and believe it or not it affects your body. For example, I came home from a stressful week filled with long days and a multitude of assignment. I felt it all in my body. My back was in excruciating pain, I kept falling asleep, couldn't focus, was jittery, it just wasn't cute. I knew I was neglecting my body and neglecting myself. So I took one deep breath, took some time to shut everything off and did absolutely nothing and may I add, it was glorious! I encourage you, don't loose your fun. Don't let the outside circumstances or monotony that life may throw at you to cloud your vision. Don't loose yourself to stress or to busy-ness. So go out, buy that shirt from Topshop that you've been eyeing, get your nails done and eat that ice cream sandwich. Heck, go on a rollercoaster and scream at the top of your lungs! Such a great feeling! 

I was journaling the other day and I wanted to share something that spoke to me. Perfect for when you are trying to find a sense of direction or questioning your life choices and worrying about the future. (Hence every college student) 

Let's us always look to scripture for encouragement when things get tough. Trust God, He knows what He is doing. Even when the answer isn't direct, let us look past ourselves. He holds us, just be still. "Belief is important, but in the darkest days it is trust that gives us hope."

“Be still, and know that I am God." -Isaiah 46:10

Remember, "Just Breath", all you have to do is be still and trust. 



How perfect was this rainy day in the city! A nice little get away with my roomie filled with pizza, cupcakes, and dancing in the rain. Monochromatic is my go-to. When in doubt, wear all black. That seriously should be a life motto, probably is already! Happy day! 

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