Hello everyone! Winter break is coming to an end....nooooooo! I can feel the homework, endless nights of studying, and the long drives to school. I have mixed emotions coming back to school for this Spring semester. This will be my second semester of Nursing School (read more about my experience in nursing school here) and I am both excited and scared, to be honest. I know it will be very challenging and mentally, emotionally, and physically draining and demanding. But this is something that I feel is right in my heart, I love to help others, and I know this will pay off in the long run. I know that I shouldn't be scared, intimidated or whatnot because if God has brought me thus far, He will carry it out to the fullest and the end. I firmly believe that He will use Nursing as a way for me to connect and minister to people by being a light and a joy. I pray that God helps me this semester to steward my time wisely and to give me a brain that is sponge-like to absorb all of this information and use it correctly. I know that I can do this, therefore I am excited about the future. I am excited to see myself bloom into that position, as well as my peers. This Winter break has been much needed. I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing but watching Vampire Diaries and Jane the Virgin. I enjoyed waking up to no alarm and staying in my pajamas all day long. I relished being around my family and friends. I needed some time away from everything, no stress, instead much rest. I needed me time, and I got that. I think that it is important in the midst of suffocating season, by that I mean seasons that are full of so much that it feels like you are constantly in a go go go mindset that you never have time to let anything really sink in. Yes, so I think it is important to not loose sight of yourself. Make some time to spend it with yourself. Sounds crazy but seriously. Paint your nails, write in your journal, read the Bible, just sit on the couch and watch a couple episodes or a movie. Don't loose sight of your fun and the zest that surrounds you in life. Also, don't forget the one that brought you to the place where you are today. God has so much in store for you as for me. It is a refreshing reminder that her has promises over my life as well as your life. (Inspo here) Spend time with him as well, whether it be in song, silence, writing, talking, or reading. For me it's writing. I love to write letters to God just expressing who I feel or how my day went. I know He knows, but I feel more intentional and connected when I write it all out to Him. Well, I hope your Winter break was just as refreshing. May this new year bring you zeal and fervor to live life in every moment that you get and to steward your talents and opportunities wisely. Best of wishes in this new semester of school and life! You got this! Remember, if He brought you to it, He will bring you through it!




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