For Such a Time As This


Hello everyone and happy Monday! Well, the first week of my second semester of Nursing School has gone by and I survived. I hope to say the same in May, ha..I will. I hope all of me fellow college students are having a great start to their semester!

I wanted to share a phrase that has been on my heart lately, which cleverly is the title of this post, "For Such a Time As This". This is a phrase that brings a sense of promise, encouragement, and boldness. Each year has different seasons, and every season has different characteristic, changes, growth, etc. Just like the seasons in a year, we have seasons in our very own life. It is up to oneself to embrace the season and dive head first, knowing that there is a promise of result. Having a promise of result is of much importance, because knowing that there is an outcome will provide you with the motive and willpower to reach the outcome. Have you ever noticed the beauty in having a start and an end? 

Ever felt like too many good things are happening to you? How about everything feels like it's all going south? Well, cling onto hope and embrace every ounce of your' life, because you were created "for such a time as this!" Seriously. Think about it. You could've been born anytime in the whole existence of time. But no, you are here right now. You are called to stretch and be stretched, to grow, mold, dream, love, live. 

"If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”     - Esther 4:14

I discovered this oh so clever phrase from the Bible, guys literal gold! A background to this verse would be a Queen named Esther, one of my favorite stories in the Bible, #WCW. Long story short, her people group were going to be executed because of some evil guy and she was the only one who could go before the King and plead for her people not to be killed. Oh also to spare her life. (btw she had never disclosed her race to him, so he didn't know she was a Jew) Back then one could only go before the King's presence if only he summons you. Esther, knowing this was perplexed but ultimately knowing that God was on her side, went before the King and he spared her life, saved the Jews, and the rest is history! YAY! 

Esther had so many things on her plate. She was also in a season of much chaos. The beauty of it is that in the midst of the chaos around her she found a stronghold in truth, in Christ. In Him she found the boldness which stretched her. Stretching causes growth. I want a boldness like Esther, to take risks and have full confidence in the greater plans for my life. I want to own that I am the only one created "for such a time as this". In every season of life, let us remember that we were created "for such a time as this".

Be bold, embrace your life! Encourage someone today, why don't cha?




Currently in life I can say that I have my hands full. However overwhelmed I may feel, my heart cannot be any more full. Maybe a boo thang jk, not yet lol. Moreover, this new year has brought new life, new opportunities, new possibilities, and a new outlook! I couldn't be more optimist about life! I'm pretty excited to be surrounded by people who want to see me reach my full potential, who support me, encourage me, and propel me. Things are looking up and I can't wait to take you along the journey! 

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