Hello everyone, this Summer has been quite the adventure. By adventure I mean: work, nursing school, work, play, research papers, blog, church, play, and did I say work? Nonetheless, it hasn't been short of surprises, especially  with having to move in just short of 2 months! I can't begin to tell you how many times I've moved in the past five years. Can a girl get some stability please. I hope your Summer is going just as or more eventful, ha! 

It has been a different Summer, but much needed. I am a total planner and when things happen differently or when curveballs hit, it can be a bit disheartening. I have found that in this season, I need to embrace those curveballs. Yes, some hurt, but some of them push you to be greater. It's remarkable how life's challenges and changes can be a form of catalyst. I tend to carry a lot on my plate and I have a hard time seeing when I have too much on it. Great news! We don't have to carry any burdens. It can seems like we walk with such heaviness- dragging our feet, and going through the motions, when in fact we don't need to. That my friends is the beauty of grace and love. God carries and lifts our heavy burdens. "Pile your troubles on God's shoulders- he'll carry your load, he'll help you out. He'll never let good people topple into ruin." Rose to Roses is my creative outlet. I created this space to be vulnerable, transparent, and real with you. A place where I can share my inspirations and create a community (#wandercreates) in which the inspiration can be reciprocated from you. I never want this place to become a burden, a competition, or a fallacy. This isn't a story, this is my life and I choose and want to share it with you. I am so thankful for this place and I never want to loose the motive and heart behind my blog. I am also so thankful for all of the love and support that I have received from all of you throughout this adventure! I only aspire to progress and get better, to give it my all. So I urge and encourage you all to find the light, the silver lining and embrace the curveballs that are thrown at you. In the long run you will see, and you will, the difference in who you were when you got hit with the curveball to the person who have become once you learned to catch the curveball and run with it. See it's not so much how you get hit with the curveball as much as it is what you do with it after you catch it. 

Here is a golden nugget for the week: "I hope you know that you're capable, brave, and significant. Even when it feels like you're not. 

Do you have a golden nugget of inspiration? If so, share it below in the comment section! 



This look is a culmination of all things I love. This silky green (woah! Another item of color in my closet!) off the shoulder top is giving me vibes all Summer long! The off the shoulder trend is going strong and I am not complaining! Plus I also found the perfect high waisted shorts. I have been on a hunt forever to find a pair that didn't show my cheeks to the whole world. Thanks Brandy Melville, ily. To finish it off, I found these grey suede boots from Zara at their semi annual sale for $20. WHAT! Yep, I snatched those and I am loving the square toe. Can't wait to rock these in the Fall.

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top: beginning boutique*; shorts: brandy melville; bag: lo & sons*; choker: @littletreasures_designs* ; shoes: zara; watch: daniel wellington; lippie: kylie lip kit

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