Feeling 23


Hello everyone, I am a little biased as I think that January 4th is the greatest day ever (second from Christmas). Why?! Because it is my birthday! I am 23 (twenty-freaking-three) today!! I am certain that once you turn 21 every birthday flies right past you. I can't believe I am 23. Seriously, young Raiza didn't think her life would look like this at 23. Little Raiza swore she would be married and traveling around the world by now. Needless to say, that isn't how life played out, but I wouldn't change a thing. I feel pretty damn ready to take on year twenty three. 

I wanted to share 23 things that I have learned these past 23 years:

  1. Never say never.
  2. Just go for it. I never want to say, "what if?"
  3. Take time to get to know myself & take time for myself.
  4. Love effortlessly and irrevocably.
  5. Give it all I have. I don't want to be like the worker in the Bible that hid his gold/talents and didn't use or invest in them. (Mathew 25:14-30)
  6. Kindness is free but revolutionary.
  7. My plans are an utter joke. Instead, I will delight in the wonder of God and His unfailing plans for me and my life. 
  8. There is beauty in the pursuit.
  9. The process may be hard, but remember the promise.
  10. Get my focus off of doing and focus on just being.
  11. Be wise with my money and save (SOS, I suck at this).
  12. Travel, travel, travel. There is more world out there then my daily nucleus. 
  13. If He brought me to it, He will bring me through it.
  14. Remember how much I love to swim. Stop treading the waters or holding my head above, dive in.
  15. I was born for such a time as this.
  16. I will patiently wait for my future husband, pray for him, prepare myself for that moment, and embrace this season.
  17. Take life a little less seriously and embrace the inner quirk and goofball. 
  18. Family is gold.
  19. Things aren't always going to work out the way I dreamed of them to. I just have to adjust my perspective and work my butt off. 
  20. Be intentional about people, relationships, and friendships.
  21. I will probably never see them again nor them see you again. 
  22. Apply for the bachelor/bachelorette (Then I remind myself of #16-bahahaha...but Nick though..swoon).
  23. "If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it" - Don't hold back a chance to plant a seed inside of someone. 

I hope you took something away from my list! I don't have this shindig figured out but I am learning. Here is to year 23 and the rest to come! Cheers!



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