Hello everyone, lashes oh lashes! If there were two items of makeup that I would not leave the house without applying, it would be brows and mascara. Lashes are sass. Lashes are sexy. One time I applied a full face of makeup and forgot to apply mascara and I about died. My eyes looked like mini m&m's, not cute. I have heard of celebrities getting eyelash extensions and I knew it had been around for awhile, especially with my mom being a cosmetologist, but I never considered doing it. See, naturally I have a tons of long lashes. Thanks to the good lash genes. I never really use falsies because for one I am terrible at applying them, but I don't really care or need them. True story: I put on a pair of falsie and I swear the glue I used was secretly switch out for superglue because nothing, I mean nothing could get them off (makeup remover, lash glue remover, coconut oil, alcohol, zip, nada) worked. They stayed attached to my real lashes for two horrible weeks. But alas, my lashes were triumphant. Eyelash extension is seriously something sent from above.I recently visited my super cute friend Haylee at her new and aesthetically pleasing lash studio, The Lashery.

The process of eyelash extension is a very tedious one (for the person doing the procedure) and a very relaxing one (for the one getting it done). I showed up barefaced and she started getting creative. All in all it took about 2 hours to finish both of my eyelashes (tops only). It was fun to put down the phone and have some time to relax and chat. First, she taped down your bottom lashes so that no adhesive gets on them or your skin. Then she started attaching attaching the eyelash extensions. These babies are applied one lash at a time. They are made of synthetic polyester and are so soft and look so real. I knew I wanted my end result to look natural but girl loves herself some volume and fullness. When the procedure was all done I was so amazed at how great they looked. I am lash obsessed. I seriously can't picture my life without these bad boys. My lashes look freaking bomb. These lashes are ready for some batting! 

Check out the F&Q's about lash extension and prices here. Haylee is graciously running a promotion of 10% OFF, if anyone books an appointment with her and tells her that I sent you. This promotion runs all through October and she gets booked pretty fast. Make sure to book your appointment ASAP. The best way to book your appointment is by texting her (813-240-2829) or sending her a Facebook message (yes, slide into that DM real quick). Feel free to ask me any question about this experience. I am so in love with my lashes, seriously obsessed. 




Aren't these seriously amazing! 

A little side by side comparison for you! No mascara!

(L: before; R: after)

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