My Sweet Valentine

Hello everyone, happy Valentine’s day! This day for most, is usually spent with the person(s) that you love (family, bf/gf, husband/wife, galanties, etc). For some people that find themselves single around this day, it could appear as a rather somber day. I could tell you about this. I personally like Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s because of all the cute pink and white decorations, flowers, heart shaped donuts, and the day after candy clearance. Anyone else with me? 

As a single individual, I find this day just like any other. Love should be felt and expressed any day and in every which way. I am going to be completely transparent, there are days where I think, “Omgsh, like am I ugly?”, “Omgsh, my eggs are going to dry out”, or "Where in the world is my husband?" (All these things exaggerated, nonetheless). For sure, there are moments when I wonder why I am single, you know stupid thoughts like that. Mind you, I was the girl the meme that says “Married at 23, she said…Let’s all laugh now!”, was created for. I laugh now because I understand that life is crazy and everyone is on a different path. You cannot compare your situation to anyone else’s. I admire that. My path right now is so heavily focused on school, graduating, and my blog. For me, I would need a partner that understands that and doesn’t find it as a burden. For me I would need a partner that compliments me and is down to be an Instagram husband- no shame. And that will come. No pressure added. I know the Lord provides and keeps His promises. I know the Lord listens to my heart. I know the Lord has prepared my life and holds my heart. All I have to do is simply follow Him. Everything else is taken care of. I speak this to myself, but also to you. Don’t be saddened. Don’t be distressed or anxious about your future, whether it is your future spouse or your future in general. We live in a world where it is so easy to beat ourselves up about any little thing, fix your gaze above that. Fix your gaze on Jesus. The moment will come when the time is right. So what do you do until then, “worry about being the one instead of looking for the one!” Wise words my pastor JJ Vasquez, said. Live your life vicariously. Continue pursuing your goals and examine your heart. Remember to fix your eyes on the Lord and follow him, leave the rest up to Him. Again I say this to you, as well as to myself. But hey, sometimes we all need friendly nudges to remind ourselves that we are oh so worthy and loved beyond comprehension.

So here’s to Jesus, my sweetest valentine. I know you got me! 



Thank you Miami Flower Market for the bouquet of my dreams! 

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top: zara; shorts: forever 21; boots: zara