New Years!

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 2016, it's been a good run- definably better than 2015. Lets keep that up! Is it just me or does the year fly by so fast when Fall and Winter time begins? Seriously though. This is my favorite time of the year and I could just live with chilly weather, christmas hallmark movies, and hot cocoa with whip cream! As this year comes dwindling down the novelty of a new year is invigorating. Many people make new years resolutions, some accomplish them and others simply forget or master the art of procrastination. Whoever you find yourself to be, step out and make your list. You will never accomplish anything if you don't start somewhere...anywhere!

Here are some of my new years resolutions of 2017:

  • Graduate with my BSN in nursing, pass the NCLEX, and get a big girl job.
  • Go to California, NYC, or London. (Hey, a girl can dream..and save!)
  • Be more $$$ wise, and save more.
  • Be consistent in my working out for myself. (Isn't this on everyone's list..haha) 
  • Being more intentional with people and relationships.
  • Prioritize the essential things in my life and becoming more consistent.
  • Etc.

I have tons of goals I wish to accomplish in this new year and I am sure that more goals will be added as this year progresses. There is much excitement in something new and fresh. So I will take my optimistic self into this new year and conquer the hell out of it! 

Happy New Years! 





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