Nursing School: Second Semester

Hello everyone, this is long overdue but I finally got the chance to write this post. Believe it or not, I am still in school, currently taking two online classes. People ask me, "hey, when do you finish?" and I reply, "May 2017, when I graduate" lol. Seriously, I don't stop school until I graduate! This semester was intense, you could ask my roommate. I wanted to quit countless of times. I remember saying to God, "Well, if I pass this semester then it's meant to be and it'll be a confirmation that this is what I am suppose to be doing." Guess what? I passed.

As soon as Spring semester started, we hit the ground running. I went to school from 8am-5pm and had psych clinical on Mondays and medical surgery clinical on Fridays, not to mention simulation lab once a week. Psychiatric clinical was interesting. I was able to grow in my therapeutic communication and step out of my comfort zone. It was eye opening to work with people that had mental illnesses. These are real illnesses and real people, not as portrayed in the movies, this is their real life. I learned that this wasn't the unit for me. Medical surgery clinical was grueling. The 12 hour shifts definitely gave me a look into a nurses full day of work. I did my rotation on the cardiac and stroke floor and it was pretty neat to be able to care from those patients and have them trust you. I was able to practice skills that I had learned in the sim lab and it felt pretty cool. I will never forget administering my first medications, giving my first injections/shots, and how fun it is to d/c IV's. My favorite part of this clinical was when I would go into surgeries. It felt so cool wearing the green O.R. scrubs, I felt like I was on Gray's Anatomy. I will always remember my first surgery, a carotid endarterectomy. I was so afraid that I would get nauseous of pass out from locking my knees. Boy was I wrong, I should've worried about getting hypothermia, the O.R is literally the tundra. To my surprise, I never became nauseous. Let me just say, the body is simply astounding! 

You may be asking, "Why did you almost quit?" Well, clinicals are one thing, but the classroom is another. Let me remind you, as I stated in my previous post about my first semester, in order to pass you need to get a B on anything, ANYTHING! Long story short, I started strong in one of my classes and unfortunately through the semester that grade started getting lower and lower. I am so thankful for my classmates that pushed me and believed in me enough to tutor me and help me study. If it weren't for you guys, I have no idea if I would've made it. That is why I wanted to give up. It just seemed like there was no way to redeem myself. I struggled with trying to figure out if this was the call on my life, if I was suppose to be a nurse. See, I don't ever want to be outside of the will of God. I just want to do what he wants me to do. Yeah, that's hard to figure out. For me it wasn't that simple. Moreover, I saw the way that God had opened the doors for me to get to where I was, so much so that I couldn't completely doubt. If God had brought me this far, then I was certain that He would bring me through it. This is what happened. Finals week comes, I need to score an 82 on my next two test for this one class, if not I wasn't going to pass. Oh, on top of that I had 8 tests in two weeks. Test one for that class: 97, God. Test two: 82....eighty-freaking-two! Bingo bango. I made it. Drops #2 pencil. Drops scantron. Drops mic. 

Fast forward to a month later, here I am taking two online classes. I am a senior in collage, in NURSING SCHOOL! It's still surreal to me that in less than one year I will have my bachelors in nursing and my license to practice. Cray. I am excited for this next year. I know it will be killer, and I already need a break from it just thinking about it. Next semester will focus on mother baby, pediatrics, medical surgery 2 and trauma. YAS. This is what I was born for, babies and kids! Hopefully this will inspire my brain and I to be amazing in the classroom as well as in the clincals and labs. Keep me in prayer because I am pretty sure that I will want to quit many times before I graduate. If you know me personally remind me, constantly, to NEVER give up. No matter how sleep deprived, annoyed, failing, or doubtful I may be.  God redeems, even grades, ha-true. I have two mottos to get me through nursing school: 1. If God brought me to it, He will get me through it; 2. If it's God's will, it will happen. Both involve God, because I have realized that I can't do this by myself. He gives me the energy, the strength, the heart, and the wisdom to do this. I am so proud of my class and myself for getting through this insane semester. ONE more year to go! Seriously, this is my last year of Nursing School. Time sure does fly. YAY! 



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