Patiently Pursue

Hello everyone! I sit here writing as I try to come up with a reason for not writing my heart out lately, per usual. But I don't have one, I only have made up excuses. I find myself searching for some sort of inspiration to fall out of the sky, but nope. Zip. Nada. *Takes a breath*,  this is completely normal. I would love to tell you that blogging is all rainbows and unicorns, but that would be an utter lie. There are times where I have no idea what to write about. I never want to write to fill an empty space, because that is exactly the audience that I would be talking to, empty space. There are other time where I am so full of ideas and thoughts that I can't contain my brain's insanity. I have learned not to be so hard on myself, at times we end up being our biggest hurdle. To not force, but to just be (no greatness is ever achieved by force- history has proven that-thus far). 

Patience is not my forté. Nor do I pray for it. That my friends I have learned that the hard way, haha. I simply want to urge you to "patiently pursue". This phrase has been so true as of late. There are areas in my life that I am praying for, holding on to, and areas in which I am having to be still and wait. Oh boy do I hate waiting. Like loath it. This is were the pursuing part kicks in. If you are patient- sweet, golden star! But if you are simply still and aren't proactive about things, then what will flourish? Now don't get me wrong. There are times where you just need to be stay and wait. What burns inside of you? What drives you? You need to get up and patiently pursue that thing that has been etched on your heart. You need to cultivate that area in life that you have been patiently still in. Trust and know the One that ultimately has your back. There have been times that I wonder: "man, what if I would've just gone for it?", "What if I would've just said hello?", "What if I wouldn't have been complacent?" Complacency sucks. So friends, dive in head first, be patient but be active, proactive in your pursuit. Somedays you will feel like blah and other days you will feel like Steven Tyler hitting the high notes. There will be both, I guarantee it because I am still learning. I don't have it all figured out, and quite frankly waiting blows. However, I will choose to patiently pursue those areas of my life that are on standby or not at their full potential. Will you choose the same with me?



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