Rose to Roses Turns Two

Hello everyone, I can so exited because the beginning of this month signaled the celebration of Rose to Roses 2nd birthday! So happy birthday to you Rose to Roses, happy birthday my blog! Time does fly when you are having fun! That's what this whirlwind has been, fun. Rose to Roses has become an avenue of growth, vulnerably, inspiration, and a vessel to communicate and share my passion, my God, my love. This blog has created a community of readers, fans, and supporters (encouragers). To you, I am completely and utterly thankful. I always say this, but it is true: "If something that I write impacts at least one person, then it is all worth it". This blog was created as an outlet for me to express myself and decompress during the insanity of nursing school, and it has superseded even that. I have met incredible people, worked with dreamy brands, but most of all I learned about myself and experienced growth. It's so funny looking back at the first couple of posts I published. I love them because it gives me an inside look back at the person I was at that time; the things I felt, the things I loved, and moments I experienced are all documented here. This is my open diary to the world, my own novel. There are ups and there are downs. Yes, the social media loves to portray only the better of life, but I only hope that my words and my life reflects authentically who I am. Oh, and greater than that, the One who lives in me. 

So thank you for coming along with me on this adventure. Your encouragement and support means the world to me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE TO ROSES! 

Always remember that you are you and nobody else is you. Take that and run with it. That is golden. You are golden. 



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