Hello everyone, it is Thanksgiving Break and I am basking in the ambience, for sure! With Nursing School being so time consuming, i'll take any break that I can get. Btw. I am graduating in 4 freaking months! What is life!! I am so excited to be done with school, but currently I am excited to sleep in and eat, eat, eat! Oh sweet corn bread, how I long for you, lol. As soon as I got home for break, I brought out the Christmas decor and decorated the whole house! "Premature move", one might think, but not me! I love Christmas! I wish Christmas was longer! With Florida's shifting weather, I try to make it feel as Christmasy possible. Anyone else feel the same?

Over the weekend I heard something great, something to apply during the holiday season, and in every season: "more isn't always best"; "The more you get of something, the less you value that thing". This holds so much truth. We live life in a constant marathon. Like who are we, we aren't even in the olympics. There is always more to life, am I right? More homework, more bills, more presents, more clothes, more success, more opportunities. I am not saying that "more" is bad, I am just saying that at times "more" isn't the best. In turn, what ends up happening is that you unknowingly diminish the value of the things you once upheld (Ex. career, opportunities, travels, finances, relationships, etc.). So enjoy the life you have, and live it to the fullest. Always strive to be and give the very best, but remember the "why" and the "what" behind it.

Furthermore in leu of Thanksgiving I will share somethings I am thankful for this year:

1. Family 

2. Being almost finished with Nursing School and graduating with my BSN/RN

3. My blog and the ridiculous opportunities that come because of it. (Btw, these pictures were taken right after I met Troian Bellisario (Spencer) from Pretty Little Liars- *insert crying emoji*) 

4. This year going crazy fast 

5. The opportunity to lead a mission trip back to Iceland

6. New beginnings and fresh relationships

7. A healed heart. (Ladies and gents, there is much beauty to a healed heart and learning more about yourself)

8. All of you!!! Thank you for your constant support and love! 

9. Satin & silk being back in style, PTL. 


Happy Thanksgiving!



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