Hello everyone! Spring is here and I am ready for the Summer! Seriously, with finals coming so fast, the only thing I can look forward to is the Summer! As of late I could say that I have experienced some sort of writers block and I hate it. With nursing school being so hectic, I haven't had time to decompress and just sit and write, as I love to do.

See many times, we get caught up in the whirlwind of our "life" that we forget to actually sit back and be astonished by our "life". When I went to Iceland (read about my trip here & here) last month, I remember just living in the moment not living for the moment. Nonetheless, their culture is more slow paced and relaxed (go with the flow), then ours is here in America, and I loved it! Here we tend to always be in a constant state of go, go, go. That could be really annoying, and it may even add pressure for us to always be doing something. Well, stillness doesn't mean there is a lack of progression. Sometimes the best things happen in the silence and stillness. I remember moments where I just allowed life to just take my breath away and I was completely submerged by the beauty of life. I really held those moments close to heart, and that is something that I want to apply to my daily life. Back home to reality, as one might say, I strive to dive into the moments and enjoy every ounce of life that I have been given the privilege to have. Soak it all in. Whenever something goes terribly wrong or stresses me out, I must remember to breathe in and out. Life goes on, learn, apply, grown, and share. Whether it be relationship strains, friendship fallouts, school, work, or oneself (because let's be honest, sometimes we are our own worst enemy). Take a step back and relish in the positivity and goodness that you actually have. Trust me, behind all the haze, there is clarity. Think about it in this way, everyone has a junk drawer. Life could appear to be a junk drawer at times: messy/cluttered, impossible to find anything, can't seem to let of things, and can't ever seem to empty it out. But underneath all of that junk, there is something holding it together, a firm structure, a foundation. See our lives could be in shambles or could be cluttered with everyday worries and nonsense (that we tend to make into a bigger deal then it actually is), but how relieving it is, to have a firm foundation that will hold us up and keep us from falling apart. How comforting indeed. We will always have a junk drawer (metaphorical and real), it's unfortunately inevitable. However it is up to you to steward it correctly, metaphorically speaking. 

 Live the life that you are meant to live, live in the moment, take a step back and reflect on the goodness of your life and the beauty around you. Have you ever taken a moment to just, BE. 

You might just have your breath taken away by the intricacies in life. 


(sayonara writers block) 



#ootd: Go-to outfit! Yes, please. Everyone knows that I have a slight obsession with neutrals. Literally, all I wear. But this suede jacket, holy holy cow (no pun intended, ha). The pop of "color" that it brings to this outfit is ingenious. This is one of my go-to outfits, because it seems like I put a lot of work into it, but I really didn't. Each of these items, alone, can be worn so differently and with many different pieces. I am a huge advocate for pieces that are intermixable, such as these. 

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top: abercrombie , skirt: topshop, suede jacket: forever 21, watch: daniel wellington

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