Speak It

Hello everyone! Happy August! Can you believe it? Eww, school and all of it's glorious wrath is approaching. May the odds be ever in your favor whilst you shop for your #2 pencils, pronged folders, and divider tabs, ha. Happy first day of class to everyone who started today! 

Everyone has beauty instilled within them. A radiant beam of beauty that burns bright within your soul. We spend most of our days communicating, we are master orators, whether we call ourselves that or not. Our brains are wired to speak, whether it be by talking, writing, or singing. More than that we are called to speak life. Life: something that grows, blooms, births, and bears fruit. We carry life in our lungs, air filled lungs with a breathe that isn't even ours, because we are God breathed. Goodness, that sentence alone deserves it's own blog post. Chills. We must then exhale and reciprocate life. A positive, encouraging, loving, and abundant life. In a world full of constant battering, comparison, and shenanigans let your voice be the difference. Let life be the words that utter from your mouth, that trickle through your fingers, and linger on your tongue. Don't fall into the habitual and tedious tendency to succumb to the word and its unnecessary banter. If you find yourself surrounded by negativity be the light within that darkness. Be the difference and you will see it spread. Radiate joy and happiness. A smile is contagious, literally it is. Try it, I dare you! Call out the beautiful in each other. Call it out. Friends, I encourage you to do this. It is something that I strive to implement in my life. Everyone, every single person that you encounter has something precious within them. If you see a girl that sings with riffs like an angel and you can only sing your ABC's in the shower, tell her. That can be something that could make you feel self conscious, but it doesn't have to be. Use your words to call out her beauty and see what comes from that. I assure you it will be far from self doubt and negativity. "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit"- Proverbs 18:21. The fruit that your tongue bares can be bad or it could be great! Let it be great. Let your beauty overflow as you pour into somebody else's life today. I leave you with this quote that I found on my usual peruses on Pinterest (follow me!). Simple yet poignant.  

"If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it!" - Ruthie Lindsay 

Xo, Shine on loves! 


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