The Tale in the Name

Behind every name there is a story or in other words, a tale. I too have a tale to my name. My name is Raiza and yes it can take a few time to get it right, but it's totally okay, I forgive you in advance. Raiza is actually derived from the Russian name Raisa which means "rose". No I am not Russian one bit, I am one hundred percent Puerto Rican. I was named after my grandmother, her name was Rosa, which is Spanish for Rose. I guess my parents didn't want to name me Rose or Rosa so they did their research in the baby name books to find a synonym for it, how cool are they! My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's disease and my mom wanted to do something special for me, therefore they named me after her. I am very thankful for this because it created a special bond between my grandmother and I.

Now that you know the tale to my name, I can share with you the tale for the name of my blog, Rose to Roses. I have a heart for people and a knack for writing everything down and enjoying it. I wanted to create a place where I could just write my big ole' heart out, and voila Rose to Roses was born! I choose this name because my name means "rose", so I am a "rose" and I am speaking to my fellow "roses". That is what I took for inspiration when creating my tagline, "From one rose to another". I want to inspire and in return be inspired by my fellow "roses". Community is important to me and how great it is that we live in a world where social networking makes it easy for us to form relationships from any social platform or place on earth. 

Lets connect and Inspire one another,

xo, Raiza

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