To Live

Hello everyone, I am officially on SUMMER BREAK! Sike, I have some summer classes, oh well at least they are online. I am so stoked to say that I finished and passed my first year of Nursing School. It's insane to think that next year around this time, I will be a Registered Nurse! Ahh! Stay tuned for a post coming very soon about my first year in Nursing School. (You can read about my first semester here) Now that I have more time on my hands, I am so ready to get back into the blogging groove. I miss the good ole writing. 

I was perusing the wonderful world of Pinterest (follow me!) and I came across this quote that made me read and re-read it again whilst my brain tried to divulge it. It said, "Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim." -Tyler Knott Gregson. Remarkable huh? This instilled in me a passion to truly immerse myself in the moment, in my life and to just live. More often then not we are so consumed with trying to make it by doing the bear necessities, and we end up limiting ourselves (knowing it or not). See we tread the waters, barely touching, or going in for it while still keeping our head above the waters, the waves of our lives (that can signify spontaneity, opportunities, bumps along the road, choices to be made, dreams, goals, etc). Why and what holds us back from just swimming and basking in the life that surrounds us, our life, your life? That can be ourselves, unfortunately. Reading the last part of the quote, "how much you have always loved to swim", this reminds me that I do love to swim (figuratively, although I do enjoy a good swim ha), to live, to be submerged and just go for it and with it. So I do promise, to myself, I owe it to myself to take every ounce of life that is thrown at me by storm. Don't allow limits to be places on your life, dreams, desires, and loves by yourself, or by anyone. P.s. don't allow fear to cripple you from living out all that encompasses your life and you, that (fear) doesn't exist. But remember don't personify fear, it has no place. Instead always remember, John 10:10- "A thief comes to steal to killing destroy, but I came to give life- life in all its fullness." (Sigh of relief)

So dream and live out loud, your life is meant to be full. Remember that you always loved to swimto live.



I teamed up with American Threads and Lulu's for this complete look. Summer weather is romper weather and I am obsessed with the print and color on this one from threads. These Lulu heels are my current favorite, especially with the tie up laces. They are perfect with rompers, dresses and heigh waisted shorts! For all of my fellow Floridians, Threads is opening up a store in Disney Springs (@threadsorlando), they're grand opening is May 15th. Make sure to check them out, I know I will! 

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romper: american threads*, shoes: lulu's*, watch: daniel wellington*

Make up: my lovely friend Elizabeth (@esabillonxx and @lizbizxx)*

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