Travel Diary: South Coast of Iceland

Hello everyone, over Spring Break I led a team to Iceland on a mission trip to work with the Filadelfia International Church, check out my travel diary here. One of the days we enjoyed a free day, which we spent touring the South Coast of Iceland! This day was one of the greatest! I hope you enjoy the pictures below, read all the way to the end to discover a sweet surprise! 



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Bright and early we set set off for our endeavor towards the South Coast of Iceland. We made a pit stop at the Harpa Concert Hall to catch our tour bus, and to admire the sunrise throughout the beautilful glass building. The tour was booked via Sterna Travel, and we had the greatest tour guide! Our first stop was the famous Skogafoss, as seen in the Justin Bieber music video for his song "I'll Show You". We actually visited this location on Justin Bieber birthday, it was kind of a hoot here in Iceland. People say you are really lucky if you see the double rainbow in the waterfall- which I did. I don't know about being lucky but I sure felt like it, standing in front of this gentle giant. Next to the waterfall there were 370 (felt like 500) WIDE steps that led up to the very top of the waterfall. I made it half way up and then decided that it wasn't for me, haha. Nonetheless, Skogafoss was spectacular! Next time, I will make it all the way to the top! 

The next stop on the tour was visiting the southern most village in Iceland, Vik. This quintessential town has a total population of 318. The famous Vik church at the top of the hill, is the villages main church as well as it's town hall. Vik is home to the gorgeous black sand beaches and cliffs. We stopped at Cape Dyrholaey to see the beautiful cliffs! In the Summer puffins are seen diving off of these cliffs. I loved this stop! After the cliffs we stopped for lunch at this cute mom and pop restaurant and had the best burgers with the greatest view!

The Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach!! No words can describe how breathtaking this place is! The lava column formations, the black pebbles, the deadly waves (literally google it- r.i.p tourist that get too close). I loved rummaging around the cave and beach just taking all of it in. Fave. Definety recommend grabbing some snacks and having a picnic here! 

On to the next stop! Solheimajokull! The bus drove up some mountains and suddenly stopped. "Alright, to get to the glacier you need to hike about 15 minutes up the snowy and icey mountain..Be careful!" LOL. Umm, I was not expecting that- nobody on the bus was. However, we all got off the bus and shuffled our way to the start of our hike. Walking up the mountain, thin pathway, all ice and snow, no fence, just a steep/rocky fall. Scary if you linger on it, but if you go for it, man oh man, is the reward so sweet! When I reach the end, the glacier was a stunning blue and white color reflecting the sky! You could see tiny little humans who looked like specs or ants climbing on the actual glacier. Crazy people, huh? I will never forget this hike! Everything about it was in its purest form. 

Our last sight to see was Selandjafoss, as seen in JB's music video as well. I was so excited to go to this waterfall because I've always wanted to walk behind this waterfall. Unfortunatley when we got there the pathway was covered in so much ice that as we tried to walk we ended up just ice skating except not gracefully. It was a "attempt at your own risk" type of deal. Everyone who attempted it came back down soak and wet! I will for sure be returning in Summer so I can walk behind Selandjafoss. It was all I thought it out be and more! As our time near this magical creation was coming to a close, I just stood back for a couple of minutes and soaked it all in. This tour was my favorite! I loved the South Coast so much so that when I return to Iceland, I would love to rent a car and drive to these places so I could spend as much time as I want in each place. This tour was perfect because they took us to so many places in one day, which was perfect when you are traveling with 8 others. Iceland has become another home in my heart. I had the privilege of bringing my brother with me this time. I cannot wait to return and bring the rest of my family with me! If you are planning a trip to Iceland, don't hesitate to reach out and ask me anything! 


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