True & Co.

Hello everyone, today I am sharing with you something a bit more intimate. Get it? Scroll down, haha. This is something a bit different but something that all of us woman and girls wear every day, a bra or bralette. I think one of the most important things that a gal can have is a properly fitting bra. Not too much showing, not too tight, no spilling, not clasps holding on for dear live, and no empty space. Sometimes is feels nearly impossible to find the perfect bra or lingerie. There is something beautiful in that we all have different shapes and different sizes. What if there where a simple way to get the correct fit, size, and have it actually sit just right?  Well look no further! Ta dah, let me introduce you to True & Co. This company aims to celebrate you! They want to ensure that "all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in their own skin." True & Co. allows you to discover your best bra in solely 3 steps. Step 1: Take their innovative Fit Quiz, (revolutionary, helpful, and crazy accurate). Step 2: See your personalized recommendations. Step 3: Free returns and exchanges (try-on at home for free).  I encourage you to give the True & Co. Fit Quiz a try! From my personal experience it was rather fun, educational, fast, and on point. The pieces that I received where so elegant, dainty, the perfect color scheme, and fit incredible! I'm not going to lie, I was quite apprehensive at first to be fitted by an online quiz. However, to my delight the fit of each item was sensational. They look incredible off as they do on. So try it, I dare you! 

P.S. Get $15 applied to your purchase by clicking this link! (Offer ends 6/6/16)



Blush: Seaside Longline Unlined ; Black: Gramercy + Balconette ; Dulce: Bryant Bralette ; White: Harper Active Pullover

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